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How your workplace can help tackle the plastic problem

Get tips and advice on how to effectively reduce plastic in your organisation.
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Plastic. It’s a hot topic. Kick-started by the BBC’s Blue Planet 2, hardly a week goes by now without another headline image showing our oceans and beaches overrun with plastic debris.

It’s never good to see resources being wasted, let alone something that can be widely recycled. It’s worse when you see the damage that our waste can cause to ecosystems and wildlife.

But there’s good news. This focus on plastic is having an impact. Legislation is changing. And lots of organisations are taking steps to tackle the problem.

For example, Glasgow City Council will no longer provide plastic drinking straws in its museums, sports centres, offices or schools or preventing tens of thousands of plastic straws going to landfill every year. Iceland has led the big retailers by committing to eliminate plastic packaging from its own-brand products. Other retailers are now making similar pledges, such as Selfridges, which has stopped selling single-use plastic bottles of carbonated drinks. 

These actions are major steps along the way to tackling the plastic problem. But it’s not just the national brands that can make a difference. If you’re passionate about reducing the plastic waste that your business creates, there are lots of things you can do to make an impact too.

Join this webinar to find out why it’s important we all take appropriate steps, hear about the businesses that have already acted, and get detailed tips on reducing plastic in your own organisation. 

Who should attend? 

Anyone in your organisation who influences or has direct responsibility for environmental performance, as well as members of your management team engaged in organisational improvement.

Particularly ideal for: 

  • health, safety and environment managers; 
  • environmental performance champions; 
  • compliance managers; and
  • office/general and facilities managers. 

Can't attend? 

Don't worry if you can't attend the live event. If you register, we'll send you a link to the video recording.

New to webinars?

To join the webinar you’ll need a PC with an internet connection. When you register we’ll send you a link to follow where you will be able to see the presentation and take part in the polls and Q&A. To hear the presentation, you’ll need a headset if you are in shared office. Alternatively there will be phone number provided so you can dial in and hear the speakers. If in doubt please get in touch on 0808 808 2268 and we’ll help you. 

Further information:

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