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Measure and monitor energy use

Measure and monitor your energy usage to start reducing your bills and save money.

Measuring and monitoring your energy usage is the essential first stage in any bid to save energy. It's a skill that every organisation – from the quirkiest coffee kiosk to the mightiest corporation – should master. We can show you how.

Our tried and tested guide, honed on real-life case work, will help you to:

  • Identify patterns of wasteful behaviour
  • Highlight equipment faults and human errors that waste energy, and money
  • Encourage and reward staff by revealing their energy-saving achievements
  • Compare your organisation's performance to the industry standard

We also lift the lid on lurking profit monsters that eat away at your profits, provide a layman's introduction to key performance indicators, and offer free to download spreadsheets to collate and utilise your audit findings.

We know how to do this stuff. With a little help, you will too.

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